Living in a Retirement Residence Now

Senior living has really changed for the better over the years. Today it is all about empowering you to thrive in all areas of life. This is the time to embrace a season of self care and explore what it means to live your best life with neighbors and care team members who genuinely want what’s best for you and are committed to helping you achieve it. Take time to focus on your health, engage in creative activities, take a class, enjoy healthy delicious meals served to you, play euchre with friends, spend time with family. All this without worrying about shoveling the snow, meal preparation or home maintenance. This is what it means to thrive.


Welcome to Levante Thrive for Wellness

A big part of living your best life centers around healthy senior living. Our Thrive for Wellness program is about empowering you to live well. We start by getting to know you and exploring your goals. Once we understand your priorities, we can then help you create a senior wellness plan that makes sense to you and expands your life in our retirement community.

  • Thrive for Wellness focuses on maximizing an optimal level of functioning, enabling residents to maintain maximum level of independent living for as long as possible
  • Personalized goals and action plans that clearly identify what the individual can and should do independently
  • Emphasis is placed on learning more about who our residents are, as unique and special people, with a great story to tell.

Thrive at Kelso Villa Retirement Residence

Key elements of what it means to thrive at a
Levante Living residence

Physical Exercise

A key to longevity and brain health. Let’s stay active together!

Social Wellbeing

One of the best things about retirement living—you are not alone!

Creative Activities

Explore your creative side by making something new.

Learning and Growth

Expand your knowledge by taking one of our classes.

Emotional Support

Our community, both residents and team members, support each other! Need help? Just reach out.

Spiritual Enrichment

Our residence has opportunities for spiritual enrichment! Ask the Executive Director for details.

Staying Healthy at Kelso Villa

When considering the move to a retirement residence, health and safety are probably at the top your list. All Levante Living residences are committed to offering a welcoming environment that focuses on infection control protocols You can expect the following at each Levante Living residence:

  • Conveniently located hand sanitizing stations
  • Adherence to directives and public health guidelines including physical distancing in all common areas
  • Active screening and mandatory masks for all staff and visitors
  • Ongoing staff Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) training
  • Universal masking and appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for all staff
  • Deep cleaning in high touch and common areas
  • Recreation programs adjusted to meet physical distancing requirements and strong infection control practices implemented

Have questions? We’re here to help!